3 Keys to Unlock the Potential in Your Career

You are an experienced IT professional working in the IT Industry. You know that effective communication skills can have a huge impact.  

Since English is the global language of your industry, your level of proficiency in English has a major effect in dealing with your client base and building your career.

? Do you find communicating in English stressful?

? Do you lack confidence in English for the opportunity for a better job?

? Do you dream of living in an English-speaking country like Canada to study or work?

? Do you need to achieve a high score on the IELTS test for a Visa?

Are your English communication skills holding you back from achieving your dream?

If so, why?

You might think it is because:

  • You haven’t listened to enough podcasts or watched enough videos.
  • You don’t know which resources will improve your English.
  • You haven’t done enough reading exercises.

The truth is that this kind of “general approach” will not achieve the results you desire.

To achieve your goals, you need to focus on the specific skills you require to communicate effectively by following a program that is specifically personalized for IT professionals like yourself.

Let me explain this idea with this scenario:

Imagine you are in Brazil on a Zoom.com meeting and have listened to the problem the client is having with the software performance. It’s your turn. You are trying to let them know what you can do to solve their problem. You know exactly how to do that. 

Yet, their native language is Russian, and your native language is Portuguese. So, you both must communicate in English. You are stumbling through to try to find the right words to explain your process. What seemed very straightforward for you, isn’t going well. This is exactly what has happened to your English-learning journey. 

However, if you take a “targeted approach”, you can focus on the skills you require to solve your own English issues and grow your career.

What must you do next?

You can follow these three steps:


Improving the quality of your active listening skills is the key to this. Develop your negotiation skills in English to help you deal with anxious and impatient clients. Role play in English with a coach to give you the opportunity to put these skills into practice.


Networking effectively and speaking with confidence in meetings or when giving presentations in English is a key to your success. Expand your language, make useful small talk and speak fluently. These can be achieved by learning new vocabulary from a variety of sources and a variety of interesting discussion topics.


When you write, it should be clear to enable accurate understanding. Study formats for professional emails and engaging social media posts by following clear models and receiving personalized feedback to eliminate common mistakes.

Better English means a better future. More pay, more status, more opportunities, a better retirement. I’m an expert English language coach. Let me know if I can help you. Have a great day! Roz ?

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