My family raved at the first cake I ever made when I was 11 years old, “My Family’s Favourite Apple Cake”, which originally came from a fundraiser cookbook and which I have tweaked and changed to make the perfect recipe over 50 years.  The pleasure that they expressed over my first baking experiment has made cooking my lifelong passion and that’s why I am a self-confessed foodie.

Toronto is a multicultural food city. We are home to food choices from 190 different countries. During all the lockdowns with closings of restaurants, it’s been had to find some interesting food choices now. And with no outside events that can brighten our stay safe and social distancing measures to stop Covid19, it’s even harder. Recently I discovered such a place that can solve both issues…read on!

Street Eats “Food Truck Haven” at Hillcrest Mall in Richmond Hill (Toronto), Ontario, Canada

Nestled in a parking lot mall in Richmond Hill, Ontario, only a 40-minute highway drive from Downtown Toronto is “food truck haven”, gathering of food trucks, brimming with delicacies for your eating pleasure.  I had past it many times on my way to the supermarket and on the weekend, but recently took notice of a lot full of cars in front of the trucks. What encouraged me most was that there were many families and people eating around their cars, parked social distancing, taking a breath of clean fresh Canada air, glancing up at the sky. It looked to me like a nice break from the monotony of lockdowns and eating at home. 

So on a beautiful sunny Spring day with a temperature of 16° and a light wind, I took a short walk to “food truck heaven“ to take some photos and see what it was all about. 

The place is called Street Eats and they are open daily from 12 to 8 PM with trucks rotating their hours and days. If you want to eat a certain kind of food, it’s the best to go to the website and make sure when they will be serving. It’s atstreeteatsmarket.com.You can even order from your favorite shop for pick up, one vendor told me. 

With the weather changing, it would be a fine idea to get in your car, with the fold up chair in your trunk, go for a nice walk around and try a different experience with your family and friends. To say that there would be a huge variety of choices would be an understatement – where ethnic foods and gooey-gooey desserts abound. Just bring money, enjoy a fun eating experience and take your pick.

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